Tyson Cross

Licensed in the State of Oregon | License #201211250

Licensed in the State of Washington | #119224

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503.390.6060 OFFICE

The trajectory to starting my commercial real estate career in 2012 was not linear, but rather a long and winding path. I am grateful for that journey as it prepared me for the success I have experienced in this business. After obtaining a psychology undergrad degree and a master’s in special education, I always thought I would retire as a teacher or pursue a PhD. Ultimately, it wasn’t until I got my first taste of business by starting a small company selling mattress toppers in college bookstores, that I realized I was destined for bigger and better things.

What I love most about being a broker is that it is centered around people, helping them solve problems and building their legacy. I have come to understand that at my core, I love helping people. I enjoy seeing others succeed and sharing in that success. I’m a big-picture guy and I see the vision more than the details right in front of me. As an owner and active operator of mobile home parks and apartments, I also have a unique perspective that allows me to relate to each owner’s situation and recognize what is needed to maximize their success. This has translated to 100+ transactions and several hundred million dollars in sales since 2015.

I thrive on working extremely hard, but I can also completely unplug and unwind. And when I do, most often I am outside with my wife, son and daughter playing sports, camping, chasing trout with my fly rod, snowboarding, riding my bike, or playing with our Australian Terrier, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.