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Kassandra Bruhn

Licensed in the State of Oregon | License #200404095

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As an experienced real estate marketing professional, and licensed broker in Oregon and Arizona for more than 17 years, I know exactly how to creatively represent you and your properties. I have worked with some of the best commercial real estate and development brokerages in Arizona and have expanded my expertise into residential and recreational properties in Oregon. I feel that it is so important to go the extra mile and clients always appreciate that I take great pride in researching objectives and solutions, no matter what type of property is owned or desired.

I have spent a great deal of time working with and understanding building and development across Oregon, including zoning, infrastructure, construction, planning, development, and so much more! I enjoy researching real estate! No property is too complicated for me to get the best price for you, your family, or your business.

Another special focus of my business has been helping families through the real estate trust and probate process. I have supported many families to help coordinate everything from clean up, estate sales, attorney connections, handymen, hospice care, and selling the property with ease and care, so that all may grieve the loss or transition of home ownership of their loved one. It is important to know how to navigate this process so that a family isn’t burdened with all the details while in a time of need.

In addition to being a successful real estate broker, I am also a marketing entrepreneur, with a clientele spanning multiple states, including Arkansas, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. Throughout the course of my real estate career (my only career) I have developed some of the greatest working relationships with brokers, developers, builders, owners, tenants, and landlords while performing high-level real estate marketing support and graphics.

If you are looking for someone who possesses a true desire to help you achieve your ultimate real estate goals, then you want to work with me! I take great pride in my business, my clients, and our community!

Visit to learn more about my experience, my clients, and my services. Call or text me anytime at 503.939.5035 and let’s get started!

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