SMI Real Estate Broker Eric Swanson

Eric Swanson

Licensed in the State of Oregon | License #201221479

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Eric Swanson brings a diverse blend of experience to the real estate brokerage industry, amassing over a decade in both real estate investment and residential/commercial construction, complemented by five years as a licensed real estate broker. This rich and varied background uniquely positions him to identify valuable opportunities and implement strategies that minimize costs and enhance overall performance.

Eric’s journey into real estate began modestly, with the purchase of a single duplex. His background in construction proved invaluable, particularly during his first property turnover. His knowledge helped him find vendors offering cost-effective solutions which served as a catalyst for understanding the inherent value he could add to properties. As he expanded his portfolio, he honed his skills in supervising property managers, helping to maximize rental income, swiftly filling vacancies, and consequently augmenting cash flow. His adept resource management has resulted in a formidable portfolio; spanning apartments, office space, retail, and self-storage.

Transitioning into a brokerage role, Eric honed his skills in growing and optimizing real estate portfolios. He successfully guided clients through the exchange of underperforming assets for those with untapped potential. He also helped to facilitate the transition from multiple smaller properties to larger, higher-yielding assets. His experience with forward and reverse like-kind tax exchanges streamlined complex, multi-property transactions. The result: portfolio growth with enhanced performance and manageability, further strengthened by economies of scale.

Eric’s drive to delivering value, coupled with his analytical acumen, has yielded significant returns for both him and his clients. His unique combination of experience and proven success in expanding real estate portfolios underscore his value as real estate broker. Through his adept utilization of his construction knowledge and a keen understanding of the value-add process, Eric Swanson stands as a distinctive addition to any real estate brokerage team.